Building law and investment processes

  • preparing opinions as to administrative requirements in the investment process, according to the type and nature of a planned investment project;
  • comprehensive legal audits of real estate;
  • representing an investor before municipal authorities and administrative courts in proceedings for amending a local zoning plan;
  • representing an investor before administrative authorities and administrative courts in proceedings for determining a location of a public use investment project, for issuing a decision on development terms and conditions, and site development as well as a building permit decision;
  • making civil claims as a consequence of exclusions and limitations in the use of real estate as a result of adopting or changing a local zoning plan;
  • comprehensive services of investment processes, including the preparation of developer agreements, preparing and negotiating contracts between an investor and a contractor as well as between the general contractor and subcontractors, in particular to protect interests of our clients, e.g. with bank guarantees or sureties;
  • preparing real estate for acceptance, in particular by obtaining any necessary consents and certificates; and
  • preparing and negotiating contracts with tenants and buyers of units, retail and service premises.
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