Public procurement

For ordering parties:

  • preparing custom-made procedures for public procurement;
  • preparing regulations and necessary templates of forms and letters as well the Terms of Reference;
  • preparing documents necessary to initiate proceedings, assisting in the selection of suitable procedures and determining conditions of participating in proceedings, bid assessment criteria, etc.;
  • preparing responses to protests and appeals and representing clients in appeal and court proceedings;
  • assistance in verifying applications for admitting to the proceedings and/or of a bid; supportingclients in the course of negotiations;
  • on-going consulting with respect to problems that appear in the course of proceedings, including the preparation of opinions in this regard.

For contractors:

  • verifying contract notices, in particular conditions for participating in proceedings;
  • verifying terms and conditions of the Terms of Reference as regards their conformity to the public procurement law and the possibility of submitting a bid that fulfils requirements of the ordering part;
  • supporting clients in other activities as contractors in public procurement proceedings, regardless of the mode applied by the ordering party; and
  • preparing protests and appeals; representing our clients in appeal and court proceedings.
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